2 thoughts on “A man’s best friend: study shows dogs can recognise human emotions

  1. I retired in 2005, but just a day or so before we had the vet euthanize our dear shihtzu Cinders I awoke with quiet barking in my mind at 3:00am. I was used getting up at 5:00 and being very alert, looked over at my alarm clock while still hearing my dogs conversational style barking as if in an echo chamber… she was up sideways across my legs mouth closed and only stopped communicating abruptly when I got down to petting her. She was in physical distress and being a very loving intelligent being, found a way to enter my mind with great determination. I will always miss her.

    1. That brought a tear to my eye. Those of us who have cherished the bond with a dog know the close connection. And it is fascinating that science begins to understand more about the foundations of that bond.

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