Students, staff and the course shortlisted for Student Union Awards

We are delighted to feature in many categories on the Student Union awards shortlist this year! Congratulations to all nominees and Good luck to everyone on the night!

Below a list of the categories we feature in and the nominees:


When nominating, students have taken into account teaching quality, feedback and organisation of the course. Shortlisted courses stand out as dynamic and offer examples of work which others could take on board.


The BPS recently reaccredited the programme and noted that they had not met a group of more involved students before. There is a culture of community, support and respect between staff and students.

‘I feel the School of Psychology listens to student feedback the most and actively aims to make sure the course is tailored to student needs.’


Feedback is an important part of the study process; students have told us that feedback is most useful when it is personalised, helpful and constructive. Those nominated for this award have captured these qualities in order to support the academic development of their students.

Garry Wilson

Not only does Garry complete feedback forms to a high standard, but he provides helpful comments on what’s wrong or right and gives examples of how to improve.

‘Garry’s caring side really shows on essay feedback – just by the sheer amount he gives, you can tell he cares so much about our individual progression.’


Sponsored by the Graduate School, this award is for someone who reflects the University’s plans to increase the number of Postgraduate students at Lincoln. Nominees are those who improve the Postgraduate learning environment and encourage collaborative, inter-disciplinary work. This may include representing the University nationally and internationally at conferences and major events, playing a significant role in innovative research or demonstrating good ideas using public engagement. This Award has one student and one staff shortlist, with a winner being selected from each.

Student Award

Rachel Orritt

Rachel was nominated as a student who works collaboratively and represents the University at external conferences and events. She has won grants two years in a row and is now involved in the Postgraduate Advisory Group, constantly making suggestions and putting forward ideas to enhance the PGR community as a whole. She has also been selected for the University of Lincoln Three Minute Thesis final in May.

‘She is an integral part of the PGR community and is highly regarded by her colleagues and peers.’


Students volunteer in a variety of ways within the Students’ Union, University and across the city of Lincoln. Nominees have shown outstanding commitment to volunteering, selflessly giving up their time to benefit the community and going above and beyond to make a difference.

Melissa Cocliff

She is an outstanding member of our team and the women at Butterflies love her. She conducts herself with professionalism, and a touch of heart to accompany it. She really is amazing and definitely deserves to be acknowledged for her contribution, and the love and effort she freely and abundantly gives to the broken and hurting ladies of our community.

‘She really does bring light and makes a difference to their lives.’


Nominees in this category have been recognised for teaching style or content which has inspired students to reach their academic potential or continue on to Postgraduate study. Inspiring teachers are those who challenge and motivate their students, engaging them in meaningful academic activity. In short, they provide teaching that inspires students to learn and be successful.

Roger Bretherton

Roger has been nominated for being consistently supportive, encouraging students to pursue their goals and delve deeper into what interests them. He is very open about his love of Psychology, which is a contagious attitude for the students around him. He’s completely committed and enthusiastic in his role, and nominations emphasised his efforts to encourage students to get the highest grade possible.

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