Grant success for staff/ student team educational project

Drs Kirsty Miller, Garry Wilson and Roger Bretherton, Senior Lecturers in Psychology, alongside James Ferrier, Hannah Pitt and Daniel Richardson, undergraduate students in Psychology, have won funding from the Fund for Educational Development, awarded by EDEU, for their project “Optimising 1st year – students’ expectations and student engagement.”

Their project aims to address the relationship between two main threads of the student experience – Student Expectations and Student Engagement whilst assessing their effects on both attendance and academic performance.

The ultimate goal is to see students engaged in their own learning from day one – viewing learning as something more than what is assessed and credited. This project will help us to gain a better understanding of the complex relationship between experience, expectations and engagement, and how these feed into attendance, performance and retention. This will help us to develop an enhanced 1st year of the Psychology programmes.

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