Funding success for project on smartphone and health related sensor technologies

Congratulations to Dr David Ellis, Early Career Researcher and Lecturer in Psychology, who secured RIF funding, in collaboration with Dr Lukasz Piwek, University of The West of England, for a cutting edge project “Leaving the lab: Putting The University of Lincoln at the forefront of smartphone and health related sensor technologies”.

The project aims to collate, test and refine how open-source tools (e.g. the physiological sensors platform BITalino alongside mobile app development) can be adapted to best serve psychology. This will include the development of data visualisation and statistical modelling techniques.The researchers will also rapidly develop a toolbox and website as a vehicle to support remote sociometric and physiological sensor research that can be shared with the wider academic community and industry partners. The “rapid” nature of such development is critical considering the shifting nature of new technologies. As well as purchasing some equipment, the project will also employ a post-doc for 12 months.

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