Multiple successes in RIF funding bids

We are delighted that several bids to the University’s first round of Research Investment Fund (RIF) were successful!

Here are the successful projects, covering a range of areas of psychology with collaborations across different colleges in the university:

Todd Hogue (PI) with Prof Daniel Mills (Co-I), Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare Research Group, School of Life Sciences for a project on “Dog Bite Prevention: Developing an Empirically Based Risk Assessment for Dog Aggression”.

Susan Chipchase (Co-I) with Karen Windle (PI), Jo Middlemass (Co-I) and Niro Sirwardena (Co-I) from Health & Social Care and Paul Grassby (Co-I) from Pharmacy for a 12 month project looking at resources for effective sleep treatment using community pharmacists to support the provision of better care for those with sleep problems (REST-UP).

Harriet Gross (Co-I) with Conor Linehan (PI, LiSC), Karen Windle (Co-I, CAHRU) and Shaun Lawson (Co-I, LiSC) will be working with St Joseph’s Hospice in London on an evaluation of a new website for people with life-limiting conditions.

Simon Durrant’s (PI) and Kyla Pennington’s (Co-I) project is on “The role of the COMT Val158Met gene in susceptibility to the negative effects of partial sleep deprivation.”

We look forward to seeing the results of these new and exciting research projects.

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